ERBI Group

Colour management The ERBI Printing House guarantees the compliance of colours with the customer's expectations

When graphic designers or specialists responsible for the brand image develop a special colour palette for the brand book or target package, they usually choose suitable paints from the Pantone colour chart. The crux of the matter is that you choose the paints, not target colours, and these will look different, depending on the chosen substrate. In most cases, regardless of the use of a suitable paint, the resultant colour deviates from our expectations.

The Erbi Printing House, in cooperation with Abera, a paint mixer, and Huber, a manufacturer, has developed a system ensuring the compliance of colours with specific numbers of the Pantone pattern, or with a sample delivered on a finished package. The process consists in preparing proofs on a target substrate while formulating the paint and achieving a specific dE value. Subsequently, the printer receives a ready-to-use paint, together with a sample on the substrate to be overprinted. Now, on the basis of spectrodensitometric measurements, the designer is capable of determining all technical aspects of the printing process in order to achieve a result with specific OD and dE values.

Soon, the customers of the Erbi Group will be able to order digital printing services of unprecedented quality. Based on the HP Indigo technology and our gamut of installed colours enriched by OVG (orange), violet and green, we will be able to offer a faithful rendition of 97% of Pantone colours. Furthermore, with our own additional mixer of special paints, applying a method similar to the formulation of paints for offset printing, we will be able to prepare special colours on request and they will be absolutely faithful to the original.