ERBI Group

Machinery We have a large fleet of state-of-the-art machinery

Production in our plant is performed using cutting edge machines and devices.
To maintain the top quality of our products we continue to invest in advanced technological solutions.
Our printing house is equipped with a few dozen of printing units which guarantee top-quality printing and reproducibility of the colour palette.

We have an innovative folder-gluer Heidelberg Diana 80, which allows for gluing carton boxes at the speed of 300 m/min, while maintaining all required protective systems.
The machine is equipped with a Braille embossing system and the unique visual control system EyeC ICM. It allows for the monitoring of all key packaging elements. The module scans every single cardboard box and compares it with the template approved by the customer. Non-compliant packages are automatically removed from the production line.
Furthermore, we verify the correctness of Braille embossing and adhesive beads for the entire lot.

We have modern folding lines which allow for folding leaflets with columns of many different sizes. The folders are equipped with a visual control system and double-sided readers of pharmaceutical codes.